Stress Relief Techniques – Calming Physically and Emotionally

Stress is the unexpected thing for many people. The fact says that Stress may affect the mental health. If the mental health has been attacked, the immune body will become weak and then body will be easy to be sick.

Stress as the result of over pressure and undertaken control of emotion.  Stress Relief helps to reduce and take control of the stress. There are some strategies in the stress relief that could help calming both physical and emotionally. This method will help you to reverse the body and mind, you will be able to think clearly, they also serve a protective quality by teaching you how to stay calm and collected in the face of life’s curveballs. Here are some of the techniques that you can done by your own self.

First is breathing exercises. Take a deep breathing. The key is to breathe deeply from your abdomen and getting as much fresh air as possible in your lungs. The more oxygen you get, the less tense, short of breath, and anxious you feel. Take a minute to slow down and breathe deeply. This method is the popular method to relief the stress. It is the easiest way. It can be done anywhere and anytime.

The second method is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation is another effective used strategy for stress relief, Most progressive muscle relaxation start at the feet and way up to the face, it involves a two-step process in which you systematically tense and relax different muscle groups in the body. Here are the sequence:

  • you have to get comfortable, and take a few minutes to relax then take a deep breaths.
  • When you’re relaxed, attention to your right foot and take a moment to focus on the way it feels then slowly stretch your right foot muscles, squeezing it and hold for a count of 10. Relax your right foot. Focus on the tension flowing away and the way your foot feels as it becomes limp and loose.
  • Stay in this relaxed state for a moment, breathing deeply and slowly then when you’ re ready, shift your attention to your left foot. Follow the same sequence of muscle tension and release.
  • Move slowly up through your body — legs, abdomen, back, neck, face — contracting and relaxing the muscle groups as you go.

The third method is use the meditation. From the research can be concluded that mediation give many benefits for human body health. It helps to reverse the body and blood circulation. Many people see the mediation as the difficult thing to be done, but it isn’t. There are lot of meditation technique around the web, such as Walking Meditation, Body Scan, Mindfull eating, etc. You just have choose the most comfortable meditation that fit with you. Comfortable is the key of successful meditation.

The other method is using aromatherapy. The smell of aromatherapy will help to make refresh and relax the mind. In this case brain can take a rest for a while. It will recover the brain power. Brain will be able to think clear and fresh again. Many people like this method.

If you want to get better result, It is recommended to use method one, combining it with method two and add it with some aromatherapy. The combination will give you the best result to relief your stress.

The last method is to laughing, laugh will facilitate the circulation of oxygen to the brain and attract thousands of face muscle, so it can loosen tense muscles around your face. Watch comedy movies will be very helpful.

When you can practice regularly, all of those method lead to a reduction in your everyday stress levels and a boost in your feelings of joy and serenity.