Study claims that Weight Watchers works

Doctors told their overweight patients to consult Weight Watchers as it would help them to lose more pounds. Based on the finding, those under the care of Weight Watchers lose twice as much compare to the people, who are doing it on their own.

In the initial randomized controlled test – believed to be the gold standard of scientific analysis directly evaluate the difference between commercial weight-loss program with standard care by family doctors and Weight Watchers, researchers found out that people under the Weight watchers care lose double.

Once people, consider the Weight Watchers diet, they manage to lose more weight as well as shredding the inches on their waistline compare to their counterpart, who got arrange with the standard care.

Susan Jebb of Britain’s Medical Research Council (MRC) Human Nutrition Research Unit, the woman who led the study, said the results demonstrated that Weight Watchers is a robust intervention that can easily be applied on other economically developed countries.

She added that the research is crucial since they can now identify the effective interventions in treating obesity.

The study, which can be read in the Lancet medical journal, claims that obesity is a worldwide epidemic, which is currently replacing  tobacco as the single most prominent avoidable cause of expensive chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

All over the world, there are about 1.5 billion adults are overweight, and the other 0.5 billion are obese, with 170 million children can be considered as overweight or obese.  In most countries, obesity resulted to two to six percent of healthcare.

Based on the weight loss study funded by Weight Watchers International but run as an investigator-led test with all the information collection and analysis carried out by the independent research team, researchers measured that there are 772 overweight and obese grown-ups in Australia, Germany and Britain.

Each patient got randomly picked to receive either 12 months of standard care typically offered by the prime care team, or passed on to and given a 12-month free membership for a Weight Watchers group in their region.

Also, the fact that losing twice a vast deal of weight that belongs in the, in the standard-care group, patients submitted to Weight Watchers were said to be three times as likely to lose 10 percent or further of their initial body weight. 61 percent of patients in the Weight Watchers group lost around least 5 percent of their body weight, in contrasted with the32 percent in the standard-care group.