Study Shows Portable Swimming Pools are Risky

All types of portable pools pose risks
A recent study showed that all types of portable swimming pools are risky, which also includes the inflatable pools. These pools are extremely risky to young children and can cause the child to drown. The study conducted by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows that the deaths of over two hundred children (under twelve years) were a result of drowning in various above-ground pools some of which were large and deep while some others were small and shallow.

The findings
The lead researcher, Dr. Gary Smith said that one in every five children drowned in various types of portable swimming pools. Dr. Smith is the director of Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In addition, he mentioned that the highest risks were posed for children below the age of five years. Dr. Smith said that because the pools are not expensive and easy to assemble, parents do not seem threatened by these portable swimming pools.

Safety precautions
The safety precautions that must be adhered around all types of swimming pools also form a part of this report. Generally, the portable pools are considered small and are not fenced by homeowners. However, homeowners do not think it important to empty these pools and secure them safely after their use. These result in such types of swimming pools posing severe threats to young kids. Supervision of the children while they are inside the water is crucial. Moreover, industry must find new techniques to fence these pools at an affordable rate, and further develop pool alarms and covers for additional security.

The study
The study was undertaken with data collected by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety between the years 2001 and 2009. There were 209 drowning deaths and 35 almost-drowned cases in children below twelve years. Moreover, approximately ninety-four percent of the children were under five years and roughly fifty-six percent were boys. Additionally, roughly two-thirds of the deaths happened in the home’s yards during the summers. Almost forty percent were being supervised when they drowned, thirty-nine without supervision, and eighteen percent due to lapse of supervision. Finally, forty percent of the deaths occurred in shallow water that was less than eighteen inches.

Pool safety guidelines
Keep the area surrounded with four feet high fencing and an auto-lock gate system. Adult supervision is crucial at all times while the children are in water and the supervisors must not be distracted. Finally, adults supervising the children must know swimming and teach the kids to swim at an early age.