Sunscreen Lotions Can Lead To Develop Cancer

Every look conscious woman in this world tends to depend on Sunscreen creams and sunscreen lotions to prevent their skin from sun burns. But a recent study has claimed that use of sunscreen lotions and sunscreen creams although prevent skin from sun burns push the users to develop skin cancer. Researchers have claimed the same for some cosmetic products also. They have found a metal product generally used as a compound in sun screen products and cosmetic products cause skin cancer.

The metallic compound namely Zinc Oxide enable sunscreen lotions to beat off ultra violates rays by absorbing them. But the black side of the compound is that after absorbing the ultra violet rays it divides into tiny particles which enter into human cells and gradually cause harm to those cells and DNA. The new study has found that the activity of the tiny particles of Zinc Oxide in Human body is to generate a protein known as p53 which puts a stop to the growth of damaged cells and make them cancerous, mentioned Joachim Loo, Ng Kee Woei and David Leong who are assistant Professors at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Biomaterials the journal has pointed out to the fact that the cells with deficiency of p53 when comes in touch with the tiny particles of Zinc oxide turns into cancerous cells. Joachim Loo has accepted that researchers have not yet gathered enough data about the risk of generating those tiny particles or the nanomaterials of Zinc Oxide used in daily used cosmetic products and sunscreen lotions. For enough information they need to research more in this field, he has mentioned.

Nanotoxicology is a study that deals with toxic materials to find out whether they in nano sized particles may harm human body. Researchers have also mentioned that they have found nanoparticles to in boost up stress levels in cells and even inflammation in them.