Testosterone, The Male Hormone Takes A Beating Due To Lack Of Sleep

Testosterone declines due to lack of sleep
Researchers of the Unites States of America have established a direct correlation between lack of sleep and declining amount of testosterone. Men who did get a minimum of five hours of sleep for a week were found to have reduced testosterone levels in their bodies. The study was conducted by Eve Van Cauter from the University of Chicago. The study results have been publicized. However, the full report will feature in the Journal of the American Medical Association shortly.

Dangerous repercussions of lack of sleep
The study reveals alarming repercussions of lack of sleep. Not only do men who sleep insufficiently suffer from poor sexual behavior, but they also were found deficient in body strength, stamina, fatigue, poor libido and reduced muscle and bone strength. A marked reduction in concentration was another negative effect of lack of sleep. Although nothing has been said about effect on fertility, it has been established that lack of sleep severely mars sexual performance levels.


The study

The study was conducted on ten men, with an average age of 24. Men were put through a series of tests in order to ascertain that they were fit in every way. Tests were conducted to evaluate physical and psychological issues. The screening was stringent and only those who were found fit in every aspect were considered for the test.

The men were made to spend eleven nights in the laboratory. The first part of the test consisted of sleeping ten hours every night while the second part consisted of less than five hours of sleep. On the last day of both the stages, blood tests were conducted once every fifteen to thirty minutes for a duration of twenty four hours on all the men. It was found that testosterone levels decreased when men slept for less than five hours.

Side effects of lack of sleep
In addition to reduction in the level of testosterone, men involved in the study reported a marked reduction in their vitality and mood. They felt lethargic and depressed. These side effects were more pronounced as the sleep restricted days progressed. Although only three days, men were found to exhibit severe side effects from lack of a full night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep spells danger for all parts of the body
Sleep is a very essential part of a person’s routine. The body sets on a body repair task when a person sleeps. Lack of proper sleep hampers the repairing process and as a result, causes serious health problems. However, due to increased levels of stress, smoking and undisciplined lifestyle, many people neglect the importance of sleep.

While it is now proven that testosterone in men takes a severe beating due to lack of sleep, harmful effects are experienced all over the body. Aging process is accelerated due to lack of sleep and along with it, all the health issues related to old age are also manifested in a sleep deprived person. Increased risk of heart ailments and strokes are major risks of sleeplessness.