The Benefits of Cold Massage

While cold massage is not as popular as hot stone massage therapy, going cold does offer some benefits. Cold therapy reduces swelling and is routinely used on sports injuries, and cold massage can reduce swelling within the circulatory system as well. Cold stone massage can even reduce dark circles under the eyes, by placing the stones below the eyes. The unsightly puffiness and dark circles are then magically reduced.

Cold stones can also be placed on the sinuses to relieve sinus pressure and sinus headaches. Typically a protective cloth is used to shield the stones from the face. Why should your spa consider adding cold massage? There are many spas that offer the same services, however you can enhance your market share by offering innovative and unique services no one else has. This allows you to boost first-time customers, and affords you the opportunity to turn them into repeat business.

A modification of hot and cold massage is to integrate the two into one unique massage treatment, called hydrotherapy. According to professional, hydrotherapy makes use of water to warm, chill, arouse, relax, and detoxify the body. The treatment is not new and has been used by many cultures such as the ancient Romans and Native Americans for thousands of years. This ancient therapy can be added to your massage service without the need to invest in expensive equipment or supplies.

There are benefits to hydrotherapy that you may not be aware of. For example, cold therapy reduces swelling, while heat enables stiff scar tissue to become more flexible. Friction massage stimulates the skin by increasing blood flow, and reduces muscle tension. Warm baths are a wonderful way to relieve stress and sooth aching arthritic joints. Hydrotherapy gives clients a lasting effect not seen with other massage types, and it is easy to master. As a result, your clients will come begging for more.

Another off-shoot of cold massage therapy is to use ice massage to relieve neck and lower back pain. This therapy is especially effective for people with lower back muscle strains, because ice combats swelling. Moreover, ice numbs the pain which means instant relief for the patient. Ice therapy is free and an easy service to add to a spa’s arsenal of services. Ice also slows nerve impulses in the back which effectively reduces pain, and ice minimizes tissue damage too. For ice massage therapy to be most effective it should be applied as soon as possible after the injury has occurred.

When you decide to add cold or hydrotherapy massage to your spa’s service ranging from cold marine stones, insulating gloves, stone facial DVDs, large massage stones, Healing Stone Massage DVDs, and marble crescent stones. Consider adding cold and hydrotherapy to your spa’s services.

Finally, cold or ice massage therapy is especially useful to reduce swelling. Once the ice is removed from the painful area the body overcompensates by sending more blood and nutrients as the area warms up. When adding cold therapy, marble stones stay colder longer than basalt ones.