The Benefits of Having the Right Massage Therapy Equipment & Supplies

With the stressful, active and busy lives that many people have, massage therapy offers relief and a range of health benefits. Massage therapists play an important role in improving a person’s physical and psychological health and overall wellbeing. However, the key to successful treatment and rehabilitation is having the right massage therapy equipment and supplies and access to a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

One of the important tasks for the massage therapist is the selection of equipment, tools and supplies to meet professional guidelines and the needs of clients. Some of the essential and widely used products include:

  • Powered massagers in different styles and sizes. These offer gentle as well as deep and penetrating powerful massages for the total body or specific body parts. Professional applicator packages and accessories such as covers and tips are also ‘must have’ equipment. Some top-of-the-line brands include Thumper, G-5 and Jeanie Rub.
  • Foot massagers like rollers and balls, which help to manipulate the heels, toes, ankles and plantar fascia. Balls vary in size and include spiky, stress and sensory types, which are effective in reflexology, sensory therapy and manual massages.
  • Massage lubricants, which may be scented or unscented and include oils, lotions, creams, scrubs and gels for light or deep tissue massages. The oils and creams are mostly non-greasy and come in different textures and sizes to suit the clients’ needs. Accessories include lubrication kits, bottles and refillable pumps as well as holsters.
  • Aromatherapy candles and oils are available in different assortments such as, scented and unscented fragrances, flavors and package sizes. Some varieties include soy with natural fragrances, non-petroleum candles, beeswax with herbal flavors and paraffin.
  • Coverings for tables and cradles and linen such as table warmers, sheet sets, pillow cases and kits, which are available in wholesale packages at reasonable prices. With the clinical-grade and stain-resistant features, the high quality covers and sheets offer comfort to clients and are easily maintained.
  • Massage equipment and other manual tools and supplies are also needed to meet the many different massage therapeutic needs. Some gadgets include heated massage cushions for the back, shoulders and thighs, hot and cold massage stones and stone warmers, thumb-savers, ergonomically shaped massage tools and music and sound healing books and DVD’s.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy Supplies and Equipment
A massage therapist is as good as the tools and quality equipment that are at his or her disposal. Some benefits of having the appropriate massage equipment include:

  • Providing deep and intense treatment that helps to relieve pain, stress, inflammation and tired and aching muscles and joints,
  • Enhancing the therapy provided by hands, while giving hands a break from kneading and manipulating of body parts,
  • Offering relief and therapy from aches and sprains,
  • Creating a calm and inviting environment to reduce stress, discomfort and anxiety while improving muscle relaxation and easing of tension and pain,
  • Helping to improve circulation, flexibility and range of motions, relaxing muscles and enhancing post-operative rehabilitation.

Having quality and professional standard equipment and supplies is important for the success of massage therapy practitioners. Since not all equipment is equal, Advantage Medical Equipment offers a variety of cutting-edge massage therapy tools and supplies at competitive prices. Without, the right equipment and supplies, massage therapy can be a risk for both the therapist and clients.