The link between mobile phones and cancer

According to the latest announcement of WHO (world health organization) regarding the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, people from all over the world got concerned, especially those people, who uses cell phones in their daily lives. Now, everyone wonders if the they are safe whenever they used their cell phones. The question of whether some brands of cell phones are much safer than other brands arises.

So much question and the answers are filing up too as people can do right now is to protect themselves. There are tips that could help us to prevent tumors, which includes tips coming from a brain scientist who has recovered from brain cancer (Dr. David Servan-Schreiber – the said scientist I the author of the book, Anticancer, A New Way of Life go get it! It is an excellent read for anyone wishing to prevent cancer from happening in their life and love ones, or for those who already got the dreaded disease). At the same time, people are all terrified of cancer but somehow deny the reality that it is going to touch us personally. It is time for people to look clearly at the rampart cancer rates of the last decade and take as many steps as they can personally to protect their health.

To think of it, all the people around the world exposed to radiation in varying degrees, even those, who does not own a cell phone. People, who live in the city, are likely affected since the people around them are using cell phones, even if from cell towers and crisscrossing signals in the air. Experts are telling people that cordless phones pose the same risks, and with the help of the researchers, people are now becoming aware of the risk that cell phone signal poses. Even so, no one can change the fact that mobile phone is part of the technology that we can not live without.

The only reliable sign about the new research is that most mobile phone manufacturers now offer a protection rating on their phones, sine consumers are more aware than before concerning the health risk that cell phone poses.

Here, are the best tips to lessen the radiation risk.

1. Ask your provider about information about eh phone that you are about to buy make sure to check the rating of any phone you buy.

2. Use a headset whenever talking to someone in the cell phone rather than putting phone directly to the ear when talking.