The Longer you Love, The Longer you Live

Falling in love is good both for the body and mind as it makes one happy. When people are happy their body works better since they do not have anything to worry.

The first few days of falling in love are a dizzying experience, since we tend to suffer from fast heartbeat and sweaty palms when other people mention the name of one’s love.  This is the stage where lovers felt as though they are walking on air.  They are like Superman, who can defy gravity and nothing can stop them.

Studies prove that those who are in love experience less worry, an improved heart and a longer life.

If one ever heard the phrase, “The longer you love, the longer you live” and thought made up of superstitious belief then one is wrong.  The death rates for singles were higher than married people, whose age ranges from age 40 to 60.  Once, people have reached the age 70 to 84, the death rate doubles for singles.

Married couples, who have a healthy sex life, tend to be happier than singles.  Once sex is present, the hormone oxytocin can also be found.  This is the hormone responsible for releasing the intimacy among couples.

It is the hormone that brings couple inside the bedroom.  It also occurs when women has a child since they bond with their children by means of breastfeeding.  A female rat often leaves the newly born rat, when they are not feeling the hormone.

Aside from oxytocin, dopamine is also present when a person is in love. Usually comes alongside with norepinephrine, the one responsible for fast heartbeat, loss of appetite, sweaty palms, and excitement.

The chemical reactions of being in love are too addictive that some people leave their partner to search for another one.

Psychologist Meredith Fuller says there are people who got too addicted to the biochemical stuff. They  end the relationship before it could reach the second stage.  Long-term commitment is not one of their priorities.

Fuller says that for those who are romantic enough to go on to the second stage can now breathe a sigh of relief.  Whenever we find someone, who could be trusted for one’s security, it gives us a sense of trust and belief.  The lovers would experience an improvement over their health and attitude.   There would be joy and happiness in their heart.

Erica French runs Fit2Date, a group fitness company focus on working the heart through cardio and flirting.   They have a proper functioning program as the business now runs for four years and has 10 couples, who they influenced, got married.