The New Window Into Brain Has Discovered

A team of scientists have claimed that they have discovered an intriguing new window into the human brain with the use of help of a visual system – in short they have stated that this finding is quite being able to manage several disorders such as epilepsy and insomnia.

With the sequence to the fact Prof Paul Martin, of the Vision Centre and The University of Sydney, has stated “It can be said a pure chance of observation that we have made at the time of activating the three cell layers of the LGN (lateral geniculate nucleus), which in the other hand can be described as a part where the connection between optic nerve and brain have taken place.”

He has added “As we all know that two of these layers are directly linked up with human ability to perceive edges and movement, while the other or the third layer, usually known as koniocellular or “K” layer, is more primitive because it is the main part of our deep evolutionary ancestry. Tough, its functions are still mysterious.”

There after he has stated “While we have stopped the applying stimulation, those two layers have stopped to respond, while the third layer or K layer has continued to pulse, rhythmically and slowly – in short like a brain.”

Solomon has stated “Our entire team then has compared that signal, which has come out from K cells, by using an EEG readout that in specific is coming out from brain itself. But the more interesting thing we have got while we have matched those signal and have got they have respond in the same time.”