The side effects of Human Growth Hormone

It is easy for tall people to be notice because they can stand out from the rest since not all men are tall.  In basketball leagues, tall people are the one sought after since they could easily incorporate in the team compared to short people. This is the reason why some people are using growth hormones so that they could become taller.

Many people turn to using HGH (human growth hormones) since they believe that this is the answer to their long time problem. Unfortunately, it has side effects that would do more evil in the body than salubrious. Growth hormones originally used as a replacement therapy for deficient individuals, the people that are commonly using HGH are athletes, elderly people with age related health problems, and aging baby boomers that attempt to hold back the ravages of time. For these people, hostile effects of the treatment can be large.

The known side effects of human growth hormone appear to be essentially dosed dependent – that is, the higher dose of HGH, the prone the user to side effects. It is important to know the meaning of “normal levels.” When researchers test HGH levels in a large group of healthy volunteers, the results manufacture a range of values, considered being normal. Any test result that is within that range is going to be considered too low or too high. Research has dogged that human HGH levels change over a life span – after full growth reached, the level starts to drop. To assess’ human growth hormone side effects, one must think about the normal HGH level for the age of the patient.

For children and adults, who lack HGH, replacement therapy seeks to put their blood levels back into the normal range. For these patients, the therapy lessens many of the health effects of defect, and side effects of human growth hormone are comparatively rare. For athletes and older adults who previously have normal levels, however, treatment with HGH essentially aims in raising blood levels more than the normal range, artificially creating a condition of HGH excess. It is these individuals who are at greatest risk of human growth hormone side effects.

The syndrome that could be seen in adults whose pituitary glands create too much HGH called acromegaly, and symptoms of acromegaly are the same as those seen in adults who undergo side effects of human growth hormone treatment. The facial bones grow bigger and heavier, which changes the appearance of the face. Muscle weakness may set in, alongside with irregularities of the peripheral nerves. Heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure have also been accounted. As the HGH side effects increased with the amount of HGH given, but not halted, it will accumulate, and overtime the damage can be serious and irreversible.