Time To Say No To Junk Foods And Carbonated Beverages

The Central Government of India has most recently asked to completely ban the harmful junk food and injurious carbonated beverages from all the canteens of educational institutions as they are causing large scale harm to young students. Central govt. has filed an affidavit to solve the issue. The affidavit says that govt. is really concern about the health issue of people and especially the children of the country. A division bench of Justices A.K.Sikri and Siddhartha Mridul has asserted, expressing discontentment that the affidavit, which Central govt. has issued on July 18, 2011 accepting the health risks caused by junk food is not satisfactory. They also claimed that the Central govt. should take immediate action to ban these kinds of harmful food products, instead of just delivering lectures over the issue.

Nearly four months ago when central govt. filed the affidavit they requested well known agencies, expert organizations and reputed institutions to set up a set of instructions for supplying food in educational institutes. The health ministry is demanding that in a previous affidavit they had requested all the states and union territories to become alert about the harmful effects of junk foods and carbonate beverages and also instructed them to valid order to withdraw these harmful food products from educational organizations.

According to Justice A.K.Sikri the affidavit issued by central govt. is only capable of informing the state govt. and t5he union territory govt. about the harms caused by these foods and beverages, but this cannot put an end to the selling of these food and beverage products near school and colleges.

The Delhi High court has also asked Central govt. to run awareness programs about the harm caused by the junk foods and carbonated beverages among the youth. The Delhi High court is also considering a petition filed by a NGO about stop selling these harmful things within 1500 ft radius of educational institutions.