Timely Pap Smear Test could reduce Cervical Cancer Risk by 90% !

Cervical Cancer cases, risks and deaths could be avoided by doing a regular Pap Smear Test.Cervical Cancer if detected earlier could be treated easily and cured.Pelvic exams along with Pap test is recommended for every woman.

Age and Pap test frequency

Pap smear test was conducted yearly by many women but gynecologists report tells us that Pap test can be conducted based on one’s health history and age.Women in their 20s can have the test done every 2 years,in 30s or older  can have it done every 3years (if consecutively 3 tests have been normal) and women who’s menstruation has stopped and is 65 and above can consult doctor and stop doing Pap smear test.Women without cervix have very less chances of getting cervical cancer,in this case speaking to the doctor and stopping the routine Pap test is recommended.Pepole who underwent total  hysterectomy (uterus and cervix both are removed) have negligible chances of getting cervical cancer but if only the uterus is removed then Pap test should be conducted at desired intervals.

Gynecologist, Dr.Claudia Werner, University of Texas southwestern Medical Center said this test helps in detecting abnormal cells of the cervix and the abnormal functionalities of the reproductive system.  A guideline form the American College of Gynecologists and Obstericians quoted that women below 20 donot need to do Pap smear screening as risks of cervical cancer in younger women is very less.In case of HIV patients its recommended to conduct the Pap test every 6 months, if results appear normal consecutively then annual examination is suggested (by US center for disease control and prevention).

Avoid Cervical Cancer risks
Cervical Cancer is bascially caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) infection and being safe from this deadly virus is the best way to avoid the chances of cervical cancer. Smoking, multiple pregnancies, usage of hormonal drug, sexualy transmitted diseases, early sexual intercourse and use of oral contraceptives also add up to the cancer risk.Usage of condoms and having safe sex can act as preventive measure. HPV vaccination (Gardasil) is a potential agent which can provide safety against HPV.

Pap smear test a success
Cervical cancer is the most common and one among the deadly disease women suffer from.In developing countries the risk of this disease is 80%. In US the mortality rate due to cervical cancer is very low compared to other parts of the world and this is clearly cause of the timely screening and detection of cervical abnormalities by Pap smear test. As per the studies conducted it is proved that regular Pap test conducted at timely intervals can reduce the risk of cervical cancer by 90%.