Too Much Holiday Can Cause Stress Of Mind

We often complain that we don’t get enough time to spend with ourselves. We have to give time to our work at office, in our home, to our family, friends, commitments, but a few of us get the chance to spend quality ‘me’ time. We often say that we are stressed out so we need some alone time. But a recent study has proved that our belief that spending sometimes alone, can remove our stress is wrong and baseless. According to the study we become stressed not because of having little free time, but because of having too much of it.

Experts from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and Baylor University in Texas asked 1,329 teenagers about their spare time and came to the conclusion that those teenagers, who spend comparatively less time as free time are less stressed than who spend a lots of holiday time. According to the researchers it is very important to balance the time of work and free time in order to have a healthy mental state. Not too much and obviously not too less holiday time is perfect for a healthy stress free mental state. In today’s world practical careerist young people need only the appropriate amount of free time in their life to feel happier and light.

We all know how much it can cost to waste even a minute. Time never forgives anyone especially in present time. But we all must have some time to spend in our way, rejoicing with ourselves without any tension of work or commitments. But it is also very important to keep in mind that we must bind the free time in a limit. Unlimited free time may separate us from our peace of mind.