Two Or More Alcohol Intake May Up The Risk Of Cancer

A freshly made study has indicated that drinking alcohol with two or more amounts a day can increase the risk of some cancer in a most significant way. In this regard few strict guidelines have published from the authority of NHS, which has declared that everyday man should not drink more than three or four units of alcohol a day, while the same guideline suggests women should not intake two or three units a day.

Thought, through out the entire study the researchers have found the cancer risks are at a very low level.

To justify the entire fact the authors of this study have jointly stated “Our data is enough potential to show that many cancer risk can be prevented if anyone intake the alcohol consumptions in a limited way, that is two units of alcohol for the men and a unit of alcohol for the women per day, though before this study has been recommended by many health or cancer organizations.”

Just after made their first statement the authors of this study have once again stated “The entire risk of forming cancer may somehow be prevented if anyone will reduce the rate of drinking alcohol below the recommended guidelines, though if they want to stop that amount totally then it will be better for them in this moment.”

In general too much consumption of alcohol may somehow involve with the cancer in the area of pharynx, esophagus or voice box, while there is some chance of forming it in the area of the liver.

Moreover drinking alcohol since a long period is not only involved with the risk of cancer aside from that it produces many diseases in the human body such as damaging of liver functions, diabetes, trouble in pregnancy,  full of partial depression etc.

The entire report has published at the British Medical Journal this week.