Txt2stop – Helping To Quit Smoking More Faster

A new kind of study has been developed earlier which is sending supportive and motivational text messages to the people who are now trying to give up smoking, so, the researchers are now expecting that their this move must double their quit smoking rates.

This new kind of trial was led by the London School Of Tropical and Hinge Medicine. The entire study examined the long term effects smoking with the help of an especially designed text messages and testing result of the co -tinine, which is a chemical generally found in tobacco.
More than 5,800 smokers were randomly allocated in that plan in order to fulfilling the criteria of this text2stop program or for a control group. In the first five weeks the group received five text messages a day and there after for remaining 26 weeks they had received three text messages per day with the help of a personalized system, which generally allowed people to receive instant messages during the period of needing mental support.

Those text messages were specially developed along with the input from different smokers as well as smoking cessation professionals and which generally encouraged the participants in order to focused or preserve on their success so far.

One sample of this messaging program is “This is it, so quit day and throw all your fags. Today must be the beginning of this QUIT session, so just do it.”

The entire study now has published its result which stated that tx2stop has worked very well for all the ages and across all the social group. The leader of the study said “This new king of mobile phone text messaging smoking cessation are now supporting double quit rates at six months.”