US maternal health cost are high but gives poorer result

World Population Day recognized in 1989 as an acknowledgement of the Day of Five Billion, which undertakes in July 11, 1987.   Since then it becomes a global observance but never a public holiday.

The Observation is globally practiced as awareness to the various population issues involving the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights.

According to the Amnesty International report “Deadly Delivery, the Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA“, American women receive better maternal healthcare treatment compared to what other women from other countries receives.

Government spent more money on health concerns better than what other countries are spending.  Hospitalization, which relates to both pregnancy and childbirth, cost around $86 billion annually.  In spite of this, women from the US are in greater risk of dying compared to other countries, which are spending less for health.  A better example would be, for everyone women dying because of pregnancy, equivalents to five women in the US.

Taxpayer’s funding a system by paying more money to the government, but receiving poorer medical services from hospitals.  The first step about taking the US citizen is just always a first step.

The Deadly Delivery reports claim maternal death is just a small part of the problem.   There are more serious complications than death-related pregnancy, which resulted to death for women.  Death raised by 25 percent flanked by 1998 and 2005.

Despite reading about the health care disparities, US citizen is not aware of the problem.  African-American are on a higher risk than any nationalities, almost four times probably to die of pregnancy-related deaths compared to white women.

One could say it much safer to give birth to children back in years between 1960’s to 1980’s compared to the current year.  If a woman, in the age where she may give birth, such crucial information must be known.  Women beyond the childbearing age should educate their daughters and granddaughter about the adequate planning pregnancies.  US families must stress the need for an improved maternal health care in America.

Family Planning Health Services give their best to help women plan and properly space pregnancies.  One of the most vital parts of the service, which they did, for pregnant women, is to refer them to medical, prenatal care.  The organization is more focus on having an accessible and high quality care programs.  They hope that pregnant women and her family to have the finest chance for a healthy life.  They are thankful that central Wisconsin medical providers have done their job properly.