Use of Tobacco Leading to Global Epidemic: – WHO

World death count is increasing with the use of tobacco, but who cares! The tobacco dealers are taking their legal measures while marketing their tobacco items but the danger it is causing to the health of world population is not even accounted for. WHO has published its report on this issue of Global Tobacco Epidemic 2011 and from that article we are able to know of a large number of statistics and information which common man does not know of the effect of tobacco. According to the report tobacco use is the leading cause of global preventable deaths. Nearly 6 million people from different countries of the world are having premature deaths and this has caused substantial damage to the economic development of the countries. Maximum deaths have occurred in the lower-middle income class families and thus this death toll will only hamper the progress of the third world countries in a big way. By the current trends the death toll will raise even higher up to 8 million by 2030.

But World Health Organization is also active in this respect. According to the report 175 countries of the world with over 87% of world’s population have been brought under the framework of WHO. In 19 countries of the world with over 1 billion population are provided with mass awareness campaign. The rules regarding packaging and labeling of tobacco products earlier has been strictly verified and WHO has also incorporated certain restrictions on the sale of tobacco products in certain areas of the world. Child education is also given prime importance.  WHO in its report has stated that harmfulness of tobacco has been taught in thousands of schools and the knowledge of harmfulness of tobacco is spreading far and wide. It is important to develop a sense of awareness while the child is young and learns how the use of tobacco can lead to cancer and many other diseases.

WHO has also declared that the restriction imposed by the governments of various countries on smoking in public places have reduced the level of smoking and many chain smokers have appreciated the fact that labeling on the packages of tobacco items is essential and they are also thinking of decreasing if quit  this habit of smoking. According to the WHO report at least 1.1 billion people have been brought under its MPOWER measure in the last couple of years. Thus the tobacco control measures have been increasingly widespread and WHO is striving to keep improving their activities because here millions of lives are at stake.