Use Vitamin E ( Alpha-Tocotrienol ) To Protect Brain Cell After Stroke

Alpha – tocotrienol, a natural form of Vitamin E, is quite be able to active mechanism, which clear all the toxins from your nerves cells, by preventing death from the following stroke.

At present a survey including 3 processes has identified that this form of Vitamin E usage can only protect your cell of brain from stroke. So, it can be say much more potential than other drug treatment single mechanism in order to prevent damage of stroke.

With the sequence to the fact the researchers of Ohio State University has reported that only alpha-tocotrienol can protect the brain cell after stroke, by blocking an enzyme, inhibiting gene activity as well as releasing toxic fatty acids, which can even lead your neuron or nerve cell towards death.

The symptoms of it are quite sudden and generally caused by an abrupt interruption of the blood flow towards the area of the brain. Aside from that this process also takes just a few seconds to stops the affect part of brain. Not only that, even it can associate with couple of symptoms also including write or grasp spoken language, inability to speak, double vision, paralyzed one side of the body including arm and leg as well as severe headache.

In general Alpha – tocopherol, the most common form of Vitamin E, usually take place in the palm oil, fortified foods and vitamin supplements. Moreover, that alpha – tocopherols which we get from the palm oil is in general associated with 60 times more antioxidant activity after being Alpha – tocotrienol.

So, all the above condition suggests try to use vitamin E or Alpha – tocotrienol to reduce the risk of further brain stroke or damage.