Vitamin C Can Strength On Brain Main Functioning

Vitamin C is too much necessary at the area of the proper function of the eyes and brain, according to the new study.

Otherwise, it can even involve with some disease also, including glaucoma, scurvy and epilepsy.

Keeping that fact in mind Henrique von Gersdorff, a senior scientist of Oregon Health and Science University’s Vollum Institute and the co-author of this study, stated “Through out the entire study we have found that the entire cells in retina are needed to be bathed, aside from that a high amount of vitamin C is necessary both inside and outside of the retina.”

Just little time after his fist statement he also added “Vitamin C always plays an important role through out our brain, because retina is directly linked up with out central nervous system or brain. Though, we have not realized this before this study.”

Our brain is associated with special receptor, which global name is GABA-type receptors, which does its job by modulating the rapid communication between the cells in the brain. 
GABA receptors inside the brain are quite being able to act as an inhibitory brake though out the whole area of neurons in the brain. In this case, this OHSU research has also proved that these GABA-type receptors inside the cells of retina can be stopped its functioning while the deficiency of the Vitamin C happened.

Von Gersdorff stated “As these retinal cells are usually a kind of brain cell, then the above research suggests elsewhere the brain cells also requires Vitamin C in order to do its function properly.”

Later he also added “As vitamin C is a major natural antioxidant, then it is too much necessary to preserve the receptors as well as the cells from the premature breakdown.”

This entire study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience this week.