Vitamin Pills Actually Have No Impact On Health

We have a long time believe that Vitamin Pills add a lot to our health. Doctors have been suggesting us those pills for a long time to improve our health. But a recent study has proved that the reality is completely different.  The study has proved that the effect of Vitamin Pill on human body is insignificant.

John Cloud has run a test on his own body with the routine of taking vitamin pills, advised by a Vitamin Company in the US. He took 22 vitamin pills per day. He also took Protein Tablets and Psyllium Fiber along with the vitamin pills every day.

He requested his doctor to check him before he started the experiment and also to check him after he finished his experiment. His doctor reported that the only difference that he noticed in his body was that the level of Vitamin D, which was enhanced and his weight was also increased by nearly 5 kg.

Samir Samman, an associate professor in human nutrition at Sydney University also asserted that the effectiveness of vitamins on human body is quite questionable. He has also mentioned that there were cases, where people who were suffering from Cardiac Problems took vitamin A, E, C and beta-carotene and selenium, but they did not find any relief. More over it has been found that taking too much vitamins might cause harm to people,e who had been already suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Doctor Samir Samman has also advised that if you are already healthy and strong then you don’t need to take vitamin pills.