Walnuts Can Provide Protection Against Breast Cancer

According to latest research by the researchers of Marshall University, consumption of walnuts can act as an antidote against the dreaded breast cancer in women. The research was carried out under the leadership of Dr. Elaine Hardman from the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University. Tests conducted on mice showed a significant reduction in the risk of breast cancer when walnuts were included in their diet. The study has been reported in the Nutrition and Cancer journal. The effects of a diet consisting of moderate amounts of walnuts were compared to the effects of diet without walnuts. The study took into consideration the entire lifespan of a woman, beginning from conception and birth to the present age. Ideal walnut intake for humans has been calculated to be 2 ounces. The results of the study suggested a significant decrease in the risk of breast cancer by half when walnuts were included in the diet. It also came to light that mice which consumed walnuts showed smaller and lower number of tumors.

For the study, the mice were genetically modeled to contract cancer aggressively. The results of the study are more significant in the light of the fact that even those mice which were programmed to have high risk of cancer showed an increased resistance to the disease. Preexisting conditions of genetic mutations, which were engineered artificially, were found to have diminished effects on mice that were on a diet inclusive of walnuts.

Walnuts are fatty substances but the fat contained in the nut is healthy. According to researchers, increase in the healthy fat content in the body leads to a decrease in unhealthy fat, which makes the food more nutritious. The various ingredients contained in walnuts cause a lot of health benefits, which comprehensively help in fighting the risk of cancer. In women who do contract breast cancer, the sizes of tumors are small and their growth is significantly slower.

Ingredients present in walnut provide benefits from the genetic level. It influences the functions of genes which play an active role in breast cancer development and growth. Walnuts are rich in omega-3-fatty acids and Vitamin E. Both of these ingredients work comprehensively to lower risk of cancer. Vitamin E reduces the growth and size of tumors.

This study has also brought to light the importance of diet in a person’s life. A balanced and nutritious diet that contains all useful ingredients in moderate proportions can be the biggest armor against deadly diseases like cancer.