Wanna Survive Colon Cancer ?? Get Married – Experts Says !

Marriage has come over with a booster pack now, US researchers Sven Wilson and Li Wang based on the analysis conducted on huge patient group mentioned in their report that men as well as women have better and equal chances of surviving colon cancer if they are married.

The mortality rate in married patients is found to be 14% less compared to unmarried patients. Based on the study the disease could be diagnosed in earlier stages and could be treated in married patient group.The sense of comfort and faith that his/her spouse will be there as a caregiver in critical times results in better disease management and hence translates in reducing risks and enhancing the survival rate.

Staying single is not a good idea
Time for single folks to understand the benefits of getting your status change and support legalized. Professor Dr.Sven Wilson at the University of Burmingham states that as level of education indicates our economical state, health of our spouse helps in predicting and understanding our health condition too. Married couple mirrors each other in all aspects, their food habits, economical state, education level, background and health.The choices made on lifestyle (smoking, drinking habits) and food habits by people after marriage is more or less similar and hence effect on health too finds a correlation.The cause behind the correlation found during the study is not clear.

Impact of marital status
Marriage bonds two individuals emotionaly to a greater extent and the psychological sense of confidence boosts up the disease fighting capability and disease management.Spouses who are healthy can support his/her ill partner both financially as well as emotionaly, this support in a way bulits up a comfort level and makes the patient fight the psychological distress  which inturn increases the  survival rate (published in journal Cancer Epidemiology).Marital adjustments does a lot in improving the health of a cancer patient,the more the understanding,attachment and adjustment,the better are the results.

Prevalent risks of colon cancer
Colon Cancer is the cancerous growth found in colon, rectum and vermiform appendix. When discussing about n U.S. citizen, there is 7% risk of developing colon cancer in a lifetime. Family history of cancer, dietary habits, drinking and smoking habits also adds up the risk. Like all other cancer the earlier the colon cancer is detected the better are the treatment possibilities and cure. Diagnosis and care are the two important factors which helps a patient survive a disease and the better the quality provided the better are the outcome. As per the study conducted marriage gives this extra support and postively influences the survival chances in a married patient compared to patients who are single.