Weak Workability Of Area Of Brain Responsible For Restless Legs Syndrome

A recent study conducted by the researchers at the Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) has claimed that Restless Legs Syndrome is caused by weak functioning of a particular portion of brain that controls body movements. The Restless Legs Syndrome is the name of a disorder that leads to unpleasant feelings in the limbs. In often flickers at night and leads the sufferer to spend sleepless night. Initially the study results have showed that the movements controlling areas of brains of people who suffer from the restless legs syndrome have 80 per cent weak workability than that of the normal healthy people.

Kay Double, who was an associate professor of neuroscience has revealed that one out of every 20 people are found to be effected by the disorder. Although it is proved that the disorder can create further problems with age grows on the intensity of those problems is still unknown to scientists. According to the researchers the study is quite helpful for them to understand what happenings in brain lead to cause the symptoms. In this way it will be easier for them to deliver better treatment to people who are suffering from the problem.

Researchers have mentioned that for further research they are applying ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to find out whether that causes brain to function differently. The study for the first time is working with such kind of changes in people who are suffering from the restless legs syndrome. According to Kay Double if the occurrences in brain can be disclosed then it will become very much easy to help those people who badly need to get rid of the restless legs syndrome. That’s why researchers are working hard to discover the occurrences or happenings in brain, leading to the Restless Legs Syndrome.