Weight Loss Can Solve Erectile Dysfunction Problems in Obese Diabetic Men

According to latest studies, there is a correlation between Type 2 diabetes, obesity and erectile dysfunction. Diabetic men who also experience problems related to erectile dysfunction have a tendency to be obese. The study also showed that problem of erectile dysfunction can be curbed up to large extent by reducing weight and bringing the body into the normal range of Body Mass Index. The study, which was conducted in Australia, in the University of Adelaide, was headed by Dr. Gary Wittert. He said that besides solving erectile dysfunction problem, losing a few pounds can also help in reducing symptoms of the urinary tract. By consuming diet rich in nutritive value coupled with moderate weight reduction, several health problems can be solved. He continued saying that the study could provide useful guidelines to policy makers who can spread awareness regarding public health.

Thirty one obese men, who also suffered from erectile dysfunction, were considered for the study. The study period was eight months. These men were put on diet restrictions and their normal calorie intake was reduced by 600 calories per day. Diet consisted of low carbohydrates and fats and high proteins. The results of the study showed that a 5% reduction in weight caused a significant improvement in problems related to the urinary tract and erectile dysfunction. Results were observed within two months. All the men also reported that the improvement continued to stay for a year.

Erectile dysfunction in men is caused due to myriad reasons ranging from damaged blood vessels, improper blood flow and imbalance in ale hormones. Precise functioning of the nervous system is also essential for healthy erections. Diabetes causes disturbance in all these necessities by damaging blood vessels. Diabetes also harms nerves. Due to these reasons, diabetics find it hard to maintain an erection despite being sexually stimulated.

According to the Editor-In-Chief, Irwin Goldsein, of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, this study can have a lot of positive repercussions and shift focus from oral erectile stimulants to healthy weight loss process. He also said that the study outlines the importance of proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle with regard to sexual performance. The process is free of intake medicines, which is also a healthy improvement. Troubles are enhanced in obese diabetics who smoke since tobacco further hardens and narrows blood vessels and thus exaggerates the problem of erectile dysfunction. The other general factors that can increase the problem are stress, alcohol abuse and a sedentary lifestyle that is bereft of exercises.