Weight Loss Directly Linked Up With Sexual Health Of Diabetic Men

Few researchers are now starting to say that losing of weight is directly linked up with sexual health of men.

In this regard a new study has published last week which has stated that a modest weight loss can even involve with improving of the sexual desire as well as erectile function. More often it can also track the lower urinary symptoms in obese men who have been suffering with type 2 diabetes.

To justify the proper reason of the fact the team of researchers, which has led by the Gary Wittert (FRACP, MBBch, FRCP), the MD of the University of Adelaide have involved 32 obese men along with type 2 diabetes and have monitored them over 8 weeks.

Those, they have provided either a low calorie diet as a substitute component of meal or high protein, low fat as well as reduced carbohydrate died in order to reduce 600 calories per day.

The entire results have figured out that a modest weight loss of 5 percent of those have resulted a positive way to overcome from sexual and urinary problem just within 8 weeks as well as this improvement will continue to more than 12 months in obese men who are suffering with existing type 2 diabetes.

After studying the entire result Wittert has stated “Our findings are too much consistent to find out how lower urinary tract symptoms are a real maker of the risk of cardio metabolic.”

Later he also added “The entire improvement of that achievement can even be got by the modest weight loss therapy, in specific while the diet is in high quality.”

The entire study and the results have published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine earlier in this week.