Well Known Aerobics To Treat Migraine

Nowadays migraine is a very common disease among people. We used to think for a long time that taking antiepileptic drug topiramate or taking a good course of relaxation therapy can help to treat the painful disease called migraine.

But a recent study has proved that just as the relaxation therapy or the antiepileptic drug topiramate aerobics in a regular basis helps to treat migraine.

The researchers selected total 91 women from a single headache clinic in Sweden. These women were aged from 18 to 65 years. They all got the neurologist-diagnosed migraine. Researchers divided the women in three groups and suggested the three teams or groups three different solutions of migraine.  One group was suggested to take the antiepileptic drug, the other group was suggested to go with the relaxation therapy and the last group was suggested to do aerobics on a stationary bike for forty minutes (three times) each day.

While discussing the study results Dr. Emma Varkey of the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology and University of Gothenburg has disclosed that 33 percent of the women, who were prescribed to take the antiepileptic drug suffered from side effects and three women of that group even denied to being the subject of the study any more due to the side effects. On the other hand women who were suggested to take relaxation therapy or to do aerobics did not report any side effect.

She has also accepted that the study result was really very amazing, because after the treatment session the changes in the number of migraine attack among the women belonging to all the three lists, were almost the same. But topiramate is mostly suggested for migraine, because of its usefulness of reducing the pain very fast while on the other hand, doing aerobics or taking relaxation therapy causes no side effect and on the other hand they increase the amount of oxygen intake also.