Women Bone Density May Be Cut By The Birth Control Pills

A new study has formed by the scientists of Group Health Research Institute or GHRI, which has found that birth control pills may reduce the density of bones.

This study also showed that the ultimate impacts of the bone were much more smaller, which varies with the woman’s age and the pills hormone dose.

Delia Scholes (GHRI Senior Investigator, PhD and the leader of the study) stated “A hormone is too much being able to play the key role of bone development and apart from that a hormonal contraceptive is one of the major sources for the external hormones of woman.”

Aside from that, in the teen age a woman can gain bone mass, which may even involve with some problem at her lateral life, so this age group got the highest use of oral contraceptives than others.

With the sequence to the fact Scholes said “At the teen years woman can gain bone more actively, so, we think that this problem can be solved by looking at the age group.”

Later she added “We have found that uses of oral contraceptive usually leaves a negative impact on the gaining of the bone at this age, which even take more time to be appeared as well as it entirely depends on the hormone dose also.”
Teens who in general take 30-35 microgram of pills daily has shown less mass gain of 1% in their density at the spine of the bone as well as whole body than others who have not taken any hormonal contraceptives during this period.

As we find, after 12-24 months of shopping the young women who usually used either pill dose have shown small density gain at the bone than those who did not take any oral contraceptives.

Scholes stated “The entire health of the bones may be a factor while the women decide to choose long term usage of the pill and think that it is the only right thing for them.”

The entire thing is taken from “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.”