Women Giving Birth at Home on the Rise

Despite the increase in the number of hospitals and maternity centers in the United States, the number of women who choose to give birth at home is on a rise. When compared to the results of the study conducted in 2004, the percentage of women giving birth at home has risen by 20%. The report also suggests that although this percentage is on a rise, the facilities of midwifery and nurses exclusively trained in aiding home births have not increased.

Women consider home birth natural and safe

The study reveals that more and more women opine that home births are natural and safe. Another reason attributed to the increase in this trend is the growing incidence of Caesarean sections in hospitals. As of now, one in every 95 pregnant women chooses to give birth at home. The last decade has seen a significant increase in home births. Noticing the trend, the World Health Organization has begun a course on training midwives for performing home deliveries in the natural and safest manner. They are also trained to handle minor emergencies that may occur during childbirth. In the United States, the largest number of home births takes place in Oregon. The initiative by several private women bodies on encouraging the trend of home births seems to have worked in favor of pregnant women.

Home birth statistics as per the new report

According to the new report, white women were in the forefront of the trend. However, Hispanic women have registered and increase of 28% in the last four years. The study on African Americans has shown that one in every 360 women prefer childbirth at home. Out of the thirty one states in the United States, only four states showed a reduction in home birth while all the rest registered increase. Montana recorded the highest increase percentage with 2.18% while Vermont registered a sharp decline by 23%.

American college of obstetricians and gynecologists disapprove

According to the author of the report Marian Mac Dorman, the percentage increase in women preferring birth at home will probably have an impact on doctors and policy makers. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has opposed home births. They say that in case of complication, the mother and child are both under high risk. Interestingly, according to another survey conducted on the same subject, it has been found that risk manifestation in home births has significantly reduced since 2004.