Women In Developing Countries Suffer Higher Mortality Rate From Cervical And Breast Cancers

According to studies carried on by the University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the number of women dying from cervical and breast cancers is higher in developing countries. Further, the study has also revealed that the mortality rate is higher among younger women. The study revealed alarming results. In the past thirty decades, the number of cases of breast cancer has doubled. While in 1980, 641,000 cases were registered, the number increased to 1.6 million in 2010. More alarming is the fact that the rate of increase in blood cancer cases is more than the rate of population increase. Among all the cases registered, 1980 saw a total of 250,000 deaths due to breast cancer while 2010 witnessed 425,000 deaths. Nevertheless, percentage increase of death rate is much lower than the percentage increase in rate of disease infliction.

This points to the fact that the treatments that are being provided for the cancer is having an impact. The scenario of cervical cancer also shows a similar trend. While in 1980, there were 378,000 cases of cervical cancer, 2010 registered a total of 454,000 cases. The deaths occurring due to cervical cancer have increased by 200,000. Dr. Rafael Lozano, a co-author of the study and a professor of global health in IHME, said that countries that have a higher standard of living get early access to early detection and treatments, besides obtaining a higher level of awareness regarding symptoms and self-diagnosis. Cervical and breast cancer cases are higher in low income group countries such as Asia and Africa. There has been a shift in the cumulative number of cancer cases in cancers. The shift has been towards developing countries.

Developed countries registered 65% of breast cancer cases in 1980, while the total number reduced by half by 2010. The trend of cancers in developing countries is increasing at a rate of 7.5% per annum. Cervical cancer risks are higher in developing countries as well, with more than 76% od cervical cancer inflictions being in these countries. 22% of cervical and breast cancer cases are registered in the North African continent alone. Most of the cases are in women who are still in their reproductive years. In Africa, 40% deaths of women due to cancer are in their reproductive years. In Europe, the 10% of women dying due to cancer are in their prime and the percentage in highest in South Asian countries, with 50% of dying before reaching menopause.