Women With Higher Sex Hormone Living With More Chance Of Developing Breast Cancer

A new research has stated that the women, who are living with high levels of protein (called aromatase) in their breasts, are living with high risk of developing breast cancer.

This researchers has come out in such a time while many recent breast cancer therapies are targeting both of those processes named as inactivation of the estrogen receptor and aromatase.

In this case the team of researchers has said “Our entire study is suggesting that aromatase inhibitors can play the key role in the field of cancer prevention in postmenopausal women.”

With the sequence to the fact Priscilla Furth, the Managing director of oncology and medicine at Georgetown Lombari and the lead author of this research, has stated “ We all know very well that estrogen is the name of such fuel which always helps the breast tumors to grow up and our study is strictly indicating that more estrogen in the breast can use the breast hormone as a fuel, which can even be involved as a key trigger of early stage of breast cancer.”

In this regard they have also conducted a lab study at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, where they have found that overproduction of aromatase (which can produce estrogen later) at the area of barest tissues is quite being able to develop breast cancer, in spite of excessive production of the estrogen receptor, which in general the hormones use to activate the mammary cells.

As a conclusion the entire finding is suggesting that the women, who are living with higher aromatase levels, may more likely be the victim of breast cancer than others.

The entire study was published at the journal of Cancer Research earlier this week.