Working Mother’s Children More Likely To Be Unhealthy

Children of full time working mothers are often less healthier than children of non working or part time working mothers, a recent lifestyle study has claimed. The mentioned study was conducted by Assocham.

The study has proved that among every 100 women 56 women are such that they have children with various diseases like obesity which later develops into cardio vascular diseases and fatty liver etc. In comparison to them children of part time working women have less health problems. Children of only 28 per cent of part time working women showed those health problems. On the contrary children whose mothers were not employed showed almost zero health problems.

The researchers observed 2000 children from various cities and metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. After the study they have found that one child in every five children in metropolitan cities suffer from dental problems, over weight problems, various digestive problems, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases in later life. Dr. B. K. Rao who is the chairman of the Critical care Medicine Department in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital agreed with the fact.

According to the researchers mothers who spend much time with their children can stop their children to eat unhealthy junk foods like pizza, pasta, carbonated drinks etc. Because of that their children stay away from unhealthy elements and diseases. On the other hand children of working women are more likely to eat those unhealthy junk food from restaurants and even from their school canteens instead of eating healthy homemade foods. The researchers showed the record of 60 per cent mothers who prefer their children to eat homemade Tiffin in school, while another 51 percent give Rs. 20 – 40 along with the Tiffin. They have also mentioned about 46 per cent of children who spend Rs. 50 every day in canteen buying junk foods.