40% Cancer Gets Viral Link

A latest scientific study has revealed that nearly 40 percent of cancers are caused by viruses. The study also has revealed that even brain tumors and leukemia can also be caused by viruses. The researchers have asserted hopefully that the result is yet to be proved by further tests and if the tests resulted positively then it will be good news, because in that case it will be possible prevent some types of cancers by vaccinations. The Daily Mail published the report.

Before the study it was proved scientifically that 10 to 20 percent of cancers (obviously some types of cancers) were caused by viruses. Among which two main types of cancers were the liver cancer caused by the Hepatitis B and the Hepatitis C viruses and the cervical cancer caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, Abbreviated and HPV.

But the scenario is totally changed now. The study has discovered that some types of cancers, which was never been thought to be caused by virus infections can be caused by virus. The scientists of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden ran a test and discovered that medulloblastoma, which is the most common form of childhood brain tumor can be caused by virus infection. The researchers have also asserted that Prostate Cancer can also have a viral link.

Before the new study another study two years back showed that polyoma virus, which was mostly found in animals infected human body and caused the Merkel Cell Carcinoma, which was a fatal form of skin cancer.

Herald zur Hausen has suggested that in further progress of studies in that field may discover more links between cancer and viral infection and the responsibility of virus behind the Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Gut Cancer and Lungs Cancer may be discovered. Herald zur Hausen, who won the Nobel Prize has also took part in the study that discovered the viral link of cervical cancer and HPV.