Alarming Stimulant Sold Legally In Several States

So-called bath salts are harmful

It was a surprise for Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi to look at the emergency room in the Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa. Several individuals who were in great agitation, very violent, and psychotic were seen in the room. The individuals could be controlled only with the assistance from several medical helpers. These comprise chemicals, such as mephedrone and MPDV, which are organic stimulants from Arab and East Africa and are illegal in the USA. The drugs are similar to synthetic marijuana, which are banned in several states.

New stimulant drug was the cause

Known as bath salts, these individuals were known to use these stimulants regularly. Even a large dose of sedatives was found to be ineffective to calm these individuals. Several individuals had to be admitted overnight and were treated in the psych floor. The individuals were completely disconnected from reality and were in a very bad condition.

More reports from other hospitals in the country

Several more hospitals from across the United States of America were reporting such cases. Physicians are now trying to find a treatment method to cure these individuals. The stimulant drugs were first seen last year and their use has increased significantly in the recent months. The drugs are dangerous and are known to have prolonged side effects on individuals who use these regularly. Although, the drugs are available in the form of powders, these are different in that they are used as recreational drugs. Individuals have to snort, inject, or smoke these when they want to use the drugs.

Similarity to PCP in 1970s

A minimum of twenty-eight states have banned the usage of bath salts that are available for $25 to $50 dollars for fifty milligrams packets. However, these are still available in convenience stores and head shops. The cases that are being reported in various hospitals resemble the cases reported in 1970s due to the PCP. Such cases due to use of bath salts creating long-lasting and harmful side effects were seen in the 1970s.

Incidents due to bath salts

The dangers of these bath salts can be seen from some of the reported cases. One incident includes a man climbing on a flagpole and jumping in the traffic. Another reported incident included a man stabbing the priest in a Pennsylvania monastery. A woman was reported to have scratched herself to pieces over many days as she thought there was something under her skin.