Alcohol Cuts Down Diabetes Risk Among Women

A recent study has proposed that if middle aged women, who live on lots of carbohydrates, drink alcohol moderately, have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women, who are non-drinkers. Researchers have followed 80,000 women for more than 26 years. They found that women who drank alcohol moderately with their carbohydrate based diets like white bread, potatoes had 30 per cent reduced risk of developing diabetes than women who lived on same diets, but did not drink at all.

Before the study many former studies showed that drinking alcohol in a moderate quantity cause reduction in diabetes risk but this study for the first time specially emphasized on the results of consuming alcohol on women. Because it is found that women who consume much carbohydrate have high risk of developing diabetes.

Dr. Frank Hu who studies at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston in Massachusetts and also the senior author of the study has mentioned that women who depends heavily on carbohydrate rich diet if keep away from alcohol they develop 30 per cent higher risk of diabetes. However, if they start drinking alcohol moderately they can dodge the risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has mentioned that half of the 26 million diabetes affected American people are women.

Many serious illness follow from diabetes such as cardiovascular diseases, nerve injury etc. The researchers have clearly mentioned that the study do not say that alcohol prevent diabetes but only that alcohol cuts down the risk of developing diabetes. The study was appeared in the American journal titled Clinical Nutrition.

The researcher team found that among the 82,000 women who were under observation for 26 years more than 6950 women developed diabetes. Researchers examined the dietary habits of those participants and found the mentioned effect of alcohol on diabetes among women.