Americans Are Getting Older Sooner Rather Than Late

The title may confuse you, help lots of questions to pop up in your mind; but it is more than 100% true that the Americans are getting older sooner. In other words, the Americans are facing the ultimate truth of life, the death sooner. After increasing for several decades in past for the first time the life expectancy of American people is decreasing, revealed the research conducted by one of the most prestigious health magazine.Average Life Expectancy

According to the research conducted by the magazine, currently the average life expectancy for an American man is little over than 73 and for women that figure is little above than the coveted 80 mark. The life expectancy of a blonde male varies from 65 to 81 across the America; where as for women the life expectancy figure varies between 73 to 86. Black men are living little less than their blonde counterpart, with life expectancy period varying between 59 to 77 and the black women have life expectancy period of 69 to 82.
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A Whistle Blown

The survey report rang the urgency bell throughout the States. The American government, which was complacent about the rising life expectancy of their citizens, is now scribbling the paper to find out the cause of the decrease in life expectancy of American people; but any official comment from White House is still awaited.

What are they Taking out of it
Various other organization and research houses commented to this survey report in myriad style; but there is one thing that is common in all comment; that is, if there is any truth behind this fact reveled by the research then the only institution that should take the responsibility that is the American government.

The Culprits
The health care sector is not growing matching to the other sectors. Many people are facing numerous difficulties to get proper medication close to their residential place. Apart from that, many Americans are still leaving without possessing a health insurance; and some of them facing cash crunch to go under proper kind of medication. The 2008 financial debacle broke the financial backbone of many Americans and at the same time the cost of medication is getting more and more astronomical. According to a research report by another Think Tank of US, as many as 23% of Americans are opting for low quality medication due to bad financial situation and according to the institution, if the American government stay indulged in complacence, then the life expectancy of Americans are going to decrease further. Phew.