Bariatric Surgery Prevents From Heart Attack Death

According to a recent study – person, who has gone through a weight lose surgery has less chances of heart attack.

The researchers reviewed nearly 52 studies that include the records of 16867 patients, who had tried the weight lose surgery. After the surgery the patients reported to lose almost half of their weight. The researchers also found that after the surgery 68 percent of people had experienced a reduction in their Blood Pressure Level and their one third of these people experienced a recovery of their diabetics and the diabetics did not bother them for the next 13 years. The study also reported that the surgery reduced the chances to die from heart attack from 1.2 percent to .65 percent.

The weight lose surgery is known as the Bariatric Surgery. The lead researcher Dr. Helen M. Heneghan has informed Reuters Health in an email that they were not at all surprised to see the study results because it was quite expected for them. In fact they already knew it. She claimed that before the study proved anything they were already well aware of the remarkable metabolic advantages of the bariatric study. So although the cardiologists and physicians might find the study results unbelievable they were easy with it.

She suggested the physicians and the cardiologists to wake up and realize the effects of the bariatric surgery for the sake of their obese patients. It will treat their patients quite permissibly and cut down the levels of their Diabetics, Blood Pressure and even the risk of dying from Heart Attack.

However there is a fact that must be revealed in that context and that is two among the authors of the study report are financially related to the companies that makes equipments for bariatric surgery.