Breast Cancer for men

Male breast cancer takes place once there is growth of cells among men becomes uncontrollable. Even if, this cancer is more common in women than in men, some men are not lucky to have them. The men who experienced this condition are usually on their sixties and seventies. Signs of this disease in men that male breast cancer patients experienced are discharge from the nipple, swelling, skin dimpling or nipple retraction. Breast lumps are easier to be detected in men than it is for women. This is because men the breast of men are a lot smaller compared to women.

Many men fail to report the symptoms with their doctors as they are too shy to talk about it since this type of condition normally happens to women. Breast cancer is one of the rare disease that normally occurs to women, and most males are going to shy away from acknowledging that they are indeed suffering from it. Men usually suffer from a benign disease known as gynecomastia, resulting to an increase of breast tissue. However, some medications can cause gynecomastia, such as those used in treating acidity or high blood pressure. Men also suffer from the different types of the disease that can be normally found on women.

Men who suffers from breast cancers usually exposed to radiation, has a family history of the disease, which include female family members or even exposure to female hormones. It is likely that a person will usually do a self-exam on himself, and when anything unusual detected, they undergo further tests. This is going to include a mammogram, a biopsy or an ultrasound. Good thing that not all lumps can be said as cancerous, sometimes it turns out as benign. Among males, treatment of this disease can be also done through the use of a surgical procedure, called a mastectomy. Males also experience chemotherapy and other hormonal therapies used on their female counterparts.

A male who found out that he got breast cancer should get treatment as early as possible. This is going to help to prevent the cancer cells from spreading to other tissues. Besides, the survival rates for males are the same as for females if both of them got cancer at the same stage. It is extremely beneficial for communities to start support groups for survivors of this disease. The groups should include both males and females. These groups must provide support, empathy, education and care for those that are undertaking treatment and the survivors.