Calcium Has Nothing To Do With Body Fat

Earlier some of the studies had mentioned that taking calcium might cause weight lose. But most recently a study has shown that taking calcium may not help the teenagers to lose weight. The co-author of the study Connie Weaver, who is a nutrition professor at Purdue University has commented that the studies that were held in last 10 years had taught us that calcium prevent people to absorb fat. But after the study the wrong belief will be possible to remove.

For the study 40 overweight teenagers were selected. They were divided into two groups. The researchers requested one group to take 1300 milligrams of calcium per day and another group was requested to take 650 milligrams of calcium per day. They were prescribed the calcium in form of calcium supplements or calcium contained foods like frozen chocolate desserts containing milk proteins, fats and minerals.

For the next three weeks both of the two groups were prescribed to take the same diet of three meals and two snacks a day with enough protein, carbohydrates, fat and calories. The researchers made sure that the teenagers were having enough food to maintain their weight. Then they took a break. After the break the researchers requested the two groups of teenagers to continue the study for another three weeks. The teenagers were suggested different calcium intake for the second level of study.

At the end of the study the researchers observed that there were no differences in body fat and body weight although they were assigned to different calcium intake.

Michael Zemel, who studies nutrition and obesity at the University of Tennessee, has said that calcium has no doubt effect on body fat but only in an adult body. Teenagers have different dietary needs. They need calcium for their growth.