Cancer Buster That Attacks Only Tumor Cells and Keeps Healthy Cells Safe

Researchers in England, University of Bradford, had discovered a new method of cancer treatment that will kill cells in a tumor and not affect normal healthy cells. The name of this new compound is ICT2588 and it fondly called the “Smart Bomb”. The research has been headed by Professor Lawrence Patterson. The head researcher said that the compound will be ready for release in the market in a couple of years or less.

The compound for cure of cancers has been extracted from autumn crocus. The special feature about this compound is that it remains passive when it is in contact with normal cells. However, when it comes into contact with tumor cells, the mechanism is triggered and the compound begins to fight the cells. In other words, as the authors of the study point out, the compound “detonates” when it comes into contact with cancer tumor.

Patterson said that this could be used as a common solution for all kinds of cancers since the compound reacts with all kinds of tumors. The compound is injected into the body and it circulates all over the body through the blood stream. It remains a passive element when in the blood and suddenly becomes active when in contact with solid tumors.

In the study that used mice for testing drugs, it was found that tumors of the prostrate, breast, lungs and bowels were destroyed in the mice. The treatment was initiated by injecting the compound into the mice and just a single dose proved very effective. 50% of the mice were cured of their cancers and the cancers in the remaining were largely controlled and the aggressiveness was controlled. The compound reacts with cancer cells and stops the supply of blood and oxygen to the tumors by preventing the birth of blood vessels. In other words, the compound starves the tumor, thereby killing it.

The team of researchers is confident about the effectiveness of the drug on humans. Negotiations are being carried out for sponsorships of three million pounds. St. James University, Leeds has been chosen as a center for human trials.

The compound was in use for treatment of gout in the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. The main agent from which it is extracted is Colchicines’, which is a naturally occurring poison. It is known to be an excellent remedy for rheumatic pains. However, since the compound is extracted from a highly toxic material, the right dosage is very important.