Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment -New Class Of Anti-Cancer Drugs

A research has formed little day earlier within which a group of Australian researchers have discovered that few most aggressive types of cancer can be cured most effectively by the using of chemotherapy along with a new class of anti cancer drug.

In this regard the honorable researchers from the Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have found that combining ABT – 737, a new class of anti cancer drug, with chemotherapy are quite being able to target BCL – 2 proteins which are much more necessary for keeping the cancer cells alive.

With the sequence to the fact Professor Geoff Lindeman, the leader and the researchers of this entire study, said “Attendance of BCL-2 protein in the cells of the cancer indicate while the cells are damaged by the chemotherapy then these proteins play the key role in the area of protecting them from completely destroy. ”

So, to justify the entire fact of the study, the researchers from the Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have combined chemotherapy along with ABT-737 drugs and the results, which have come out from the study, have clearly stated that this drug respond well among the body of the mice, which have been suffering from breast cancer.

By keeping link with the above fact Professor Lindeman stated “In order to reach our ultimate goal we already have looked at couple of model, within which we have found that alone chemotherapy is not effective for treating this tumor among mice, but while we have combined those with the new anti – BCL – 2 treatment then we have found a durable response from them.”

The entire report has published at the National Academy of Sciences this week.