Chewing For Long Time Can Lead To Weight Lose

Have you ever thought that chewing may have any connection with losing weight? Strange question you may think. But it is not. A recent study has proved that if a person chew his mouth full of food for a long time that will lead him to weight lose. According to the researchers chewing food for a long time reduced the amount of burning up calories during a meal.

The researchers at Harbin Medical University in China selected slim men and 14 obese men, who were in their late teens or twenties. The goal of the first experience was to discover whether there were any difference between the chewing of the obese men and that of the slim men. Each of the subjects of the experiment was given a pork pie and they were instructed to eat it. There was a hidden camera to record how many times each subject was chewing their share of pork pies before swallowing. The result of the first experiment revealed that the obese men chewed their share of pork pies fewer times than the slim subjects, although they all chewed in almost a same speed.

In the second experiment they were given pork pies again to eat. The goal of the second experiment was to find out whether chewing is related to calorie consumption. All the subjects were requested to chew their shares of pork pies for 15 times and then the test was repeated and they were requested to chew their share of pork pies for 40 times. The result of the experiment showed that when the subjects chewed longer times they consumed 11.9 percent less calories.

According to the researchers when we chew for a long time our brain gets more time to receive signals from stomach that it is full. Because of that the level of the hunger controlling hormone ghrelin reduced.