Children needed to spend time outside their house to be healthy

According to some researches playing outside helps children to be healthier; in Whales, many of the children their does not know what to do outside of their homes. Almost all the time, the children are spending their time son computer games and watching television.

The National Trust in Wales worries about the lack of time of children for playing outside of their houses.  They believe that it would result to a wide range of behavioral problems while growing up.

The organization has launched numerous events that would engage children in playing outdoors so that they concern about “nature deficit disorder” (NDD) would be limited.  NDD is a term invented in the US for a condition among children supposedly triggered by lack of exposure to the great outdoors.  The condition might result to depression and low self- esteem.

Gwenno Griffith of the National Trust in Wales, which is organizing “wild child” events, understood the fact the children are spending less time outside of their house now compared to the previous generations of children.

Some people thought that once a child  left alone, they would play on their own, but the problem is that the children do not know what to do with their spare time.  This is the reason why do organizations are taking the initiative to let them think and play.

chWild Child is a program intended to get children from age five to 12 to become closer to nature through playing, exploring and going through the simple joy of outdoor activity.

National Trust outdoor learning officer Lee Duggan believes that even if the plan  not designed with NDD in mind, it can help in lessening the many aspects of the condition.

Dugan said that the event will be the bridge for the children to become closer to nature.   The children are going to discover what the earlier generation has felt during their times.

However, since the emphasis of the event is that outdoor play.  It can help reduce the many parts of NDD.

During the events, the children persuaded to build their own hideout, look for insects, and participate in the  treasure hunt.

Biologists at Harvard believe that humans should some contact with their environment since the being in an open landscape or seeing an aquarium lowers the blood pressure.

Dugan said that the children taken in the wild will more likely to express themselves than those are always in their home.  The moment that they are expressing themselves, their confidence grows at the same time.