Chilli Pepper Can Be A Killer

People who love to eat spicy food are familiar with the demand of Chilli Peppers in food. Spicy food lovers cannot imagine their food without the Ingredients. But a recent study has revealed that if taken in large quantity chilli peppers can even be killed.

We all know that the hottest chilli of the world named Bhut Jolokia was found by Paul Bosland, who was the director of the Chile Pepper Institute. According to Paul Bosland chilli pepper can kill people but it is also true that most of the people are not able to eat it to that level. Before reaching there they give up. He has said to Live Science in an interview that biologically it is possible for one person to eat enough chilli peppers to kill himself. He has also mentioned a study report that was held in the year 1980. According to the report if a person take three pounds of chilli pepper of extreme kind like Bhut Jolokia at a single time then it can take his or her life. However the only sign of relief is that a person’s body does not take it to that extent. It reacts and pushes it back out of the body and thus it does not let anything bad happen.

Scientists have also explained the cause of such effect of chilli pepper. When we eat even most common foods with chilli pepper our bodies burn more calories to digest them. The chilli pepper excites the Sympathetic Nervous Systems of our body resulting increased energy. John Prescott, editor of the journal Food Quality and Preference also said that chilli pepper can increase Metabolic Rate and thermo genesis. He has also informed that Capsaicin, which is an ingredient in chilli damages stomach or intestine if taken in large dose.