Circumcision- Globally Known For Reducing HIV Infections

A study has conducted little day earlier which is quite being able to make reduction in HIV prevalence and incidence.

After three years of its start of rolling out the male circumcision this study has been developed by the South African township of Orange Farm, with in which the researchers of the study have included more than 110000 adults.

The entire report that has come out from this study, which clearly demonstrates for the first time that rolling out of male circumcision is much more effective at a community level in order to curb the spread of HIV.

By linking with the fact Professor Bertran Auvert, the Professor of Public Health at the University of Versailles as well as the principal investigator of the study, said “In the real world the entire effect of the rolling out of MMC or medical male circumcision over the HIV epidemic has been unknown until today.”

Later he also added “The overall study demonstrates that in general adult male circumcision works for reducing the spread of HIV within an African community that in general, is affected highly by the epidemic. Also, by reducing the number of new infection along with the adult male circumcision will save lots of lives as well as will reduce the entire need for antiretroviral therapy.”

Last but not in the list Auvert concluded “Apart from that this study has also shown that in general roll out of the safe adult male circumcision must become a top health priority all over in Eastern and Southern America, that’s why a strong political comment is highly needed at this moment.”