Consume Olive Oil and Safeguard Body from Stroke

Consumption of olive oil reduces and prevents the chances of stroke in elderly.Based on the study conducted researches at the University of Bordeaux and INSERM (France) suggested, inorder to prevent stoke in people above 65, they should have olive oil included in their dietary routine.An inexpensive approach

Stroke is the common disease found in elderly and using olive oil is an inexpensive approach towards the disease.In this study the patient group selected had no stroke history. 7,625 patients in the age group of 65 and above where included in the study.Olive oil consumption by this people was taken into consideration.The consumption was categorized in to three categories (nill use, moderate use and extensive use). 148 cases of stroke were observed in the span of five years. All the other parameteres like diet, BMI, physical activity and other factors causing stroke were also considered and observation concluded that people who extensively used olive oil in their diet have 41% lower risk of stoke than people who never included olive oil.

Benefits of using olive oil

Olive oil proves to be beneficial due to the higher content of mono saturated fatty acids and antioxidants present in them.Studies have shown significant role of olive oil against LDL and thus is protective against various heart diseases and cholesterol. Olive oil is rich in Omega-3- fatty acid and thus reduces the level of LDL in body. It is also believed to be effective against cancer and also lowers down the aging process in our tissues. It activates the secretion of hormones from bile and pancreas, is effective on ulcers and gastritis.It also helps in dealing with high blood pressure and inturn prevents stroke. Nikolaos Scarmeas  (University of Columbia) said further clinical trials to be conducted in future can establish the preventive role of olive oil.

Risk factors associated with stroke

The interruption of blood from reaching brain results in the condition called stroke.Various causes behind this disruption is rupturing of blood vessels, blood clot etc.When the blood flow in the brain reduces it results in the brain cell death and hence brain functions are simultaneously impaired.Numbness in body, weakness of facial muscles (paralysis), difficulty in speaking etc., are the few symptoms of the disease.

Stroke has got many risk factors like age, high blood pressure, smoking and drinking habits, family history, diabetes etc., and it could be the most common cause of death worldwide.It is a condition which leads to permanent neurological damage and even death.In U.S. more than 11 million people have suffered stroke.Adopting good dietary plan can prevent this disease.