Consumption Of Three Or More Cups Of Black Tea Daily Prevents Heart Attack

A group of researchers after a recent study has claimed that consuming three cups of black tea every day significantly cuts down heart attack risk by 60 per cent. It also noticeably reduces the risk of developing diabetes, according to the researchers.

Researchers have found out that black tea contains various positive nutrient contents in it including antioxidant like flavonoids and thiamines which are able to control blood pressure levels and also controls the nitric oxide production.

Experts believe that there are three killer conditions that lead to heart attack. Those conditions are artery-blocking by clotting blood, high blood pressure and the last but not the least the constricting and restraining blood flow from the arteries. These three conditions block the blood vessels that supply oxygen to muscles and that in turn cause heart attack. According to the study researchers the antioxidants contained in tea build up shields against the three killer conditions responsible for heart attack.

For the study work Dr Pamela Mason and Dr Carrie Ruxton analyzed 40 research papers and found out a noteworthy link between drinking black tea and prevention of heart attack. They claimed that according to the research papers black tea had acted as a shield against heart attack in number of cases.

Dr Pamela Mason and Dr Carrie Ruxton has cited that people who drink three cups to six cups of black tea a day are 30 to 57 per cent less likely to have heart attack than people who do not drink black tea at all or drink black tea less than three cups a day. Dr Ruxton has said to the Daily Express that daily consumption of black tea significantly reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases.

The study findings were appeared in the UK Nutrition Bulletin.