Instilling Healthy Habits Can Curb Obesity in Children and Babies

The common perception that chubbiness in the newly born is the sign of great health and strength as the baby grow but in certain cases, bigger babies can never lose their baby weight and build a road towards obesity. Here comes the role and duty of the parties to inculcate healthy behavioral habit in their children so that they are not at the verge of growing up as an obese. These habits can help them add healthy years to their upcoming lives.

According to the new report by chair person Leann Birch who is a professor of human development in the Centre for Childhood Obesity Research at Pennsylvania State University, big babies can outgrow their body fat naturally that could lead to excess weight in their bodes. He has regarded this condition as the matter of concern for the nation and urged the health care providers, professional and policymakers for the children to help parents in decreasing the jeopardizes of obesity by formulating a healthy environment and creating healthy behavior during the critical early years of the development.

Obesity in children

The report consists of the strategies that could decrease the obesity rates among the toddlers, infants and preschoolers of the United States. These strategies are encouraging healthy eating habits, physical activities, less TV watching and good sound sleep. As per the data recorded, 10 out of hundred of children aged from infancy to 2 years are overweight and obese and around 20 out of hundred ages between 2 to 5 years suffer from same condition. IOM urges all the parents and child care providers to keep their children at some physical activity and offer them proper balanced diet and should have health checkups for gauging the weight and height of the body that could help in studying the risks of obesity in the children.

All these health habits can be inculcated at the early developing stage of a child so that they can carry them throughout their lives and stay away from the evils of obesity and related problems. The committee also pays emphasis over breastfeeding of the infants as it is the best remedy to many problems in infants. The adults working with infants and their families should take care of such points that could really help in bringing down the count of obese infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the country.