Daf-2 A Peptide To Treat Ovarian Cancer In Advance Stage

The researchers from the University of Guelph claims that they have successfully found out a peptide that by decreasing the advancement of tumors leads to uplifted survival chances in ovarian cancer. A professor in U of G`s Department of Biomedical Sciences Jim Petrik who was also the lead researcher of the study has expressed his excitement after the discovery.

Ovarian cancer can be described as the most deadly gynecological cancer. It is really hard to predict as it shares its symptoms with many diseases. Among its symptoms some are nausea, bloating and abdominal pain etc. That is why often doctors come to suspect and detect it when it is already too late. Sometimes they detect it when it is already in advancement. It is something like a silent killer. That is why if the way to treat the ovarian cancer even in the advanced stage comes out the death rate from the ovarian cancer will be possible to reduce.

Professor Jim Petrik along with his co researcher Campbell has claimed that they have discovered a peptide which originates from the thrombospondin molecule slows down the development of matured tumors that lead to ovarian cancer in lab mice. The peptide is known as the ABT-898. They have found that the peptide ABT-898 not only reduces the growth of tumors it also cuts back dysfunctional blood vessels in the tumor but intelligently leave the healthy vessels unaffected.

Professor Jim Petrik has explained that chemotherapy treatment entirely depends on blood vessels so that they carry anti tumor drugs to tumor cells. But the dysfunctional blood vessels in the tumor do not do the task efficiently and thus hamper the effects of chemotherapy treatment. But now it will be possible to continue the treatment using the peptide because the peptide will make is possible for the anti tumor drugs to reach to the place where they are needed.