Daily Exercise Prevents Sleeping Disorder

A group of researchers after a recent study has claimed that daily exercise helps teenagers to sleep tightly at night. The study has also claimed that using computers more than two hours a day can cut down the average sleeping time of teenagers. Researchers ran the study over 15,000 high school students and found that students who spent at least one hour in exercise a day had significantly better sleep (eight hours or more) at night than students who were inactive. They also found that students who spent more than two hours a day by computing slept less than students who spent less time by computing.

Previously some others studies also claimed almost the similar. But the aforementioned study is the first which has chained down results of physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleeping quality and duration in high school students. The first author of the study Kathryn Foti who is also a health scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention`s (CDC) Division of Adolescent and School Health has mentioned the above fact.

The study findings deliver a message to the parents. Researchers have emphasized on the fact that parents should encourage their children to do daily exercise and cutting down the time with computers. They should convince their children to spend time in front of a computer screen to do only necessary works. Instead of computer gaming they should engage themselves in outdoor games. That will help them to sleep better at night.

The director of sleep medicine at Children`s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Dr.  Judith Owens has mentioned that this is a very vital issue that parents should think about. She has also mentioned that inadequate sleep leads to many serious health problems including obesity, poor academic performance. The sleeping disorder can also harm immune system and develop heart diseases.